Executable programs:

  • For Linux & QT4: geomark/Linux-QT4/x86_64/Bin/QfwGeoCruise
  • For Linux & QT5: geomark/Linux-QT5/x86_64/Bin/QfwGeoCruise
  • For Windows & QT4: geomark/Win32-QT4/x86/Bin/QfwGeoCruise.exe
  • For Windows & QT5: geomark/Win32-QT5/x86/Bin/QfwGeoCruise.exe

Run the program:

GeoCruise is intended primarily to aid in the interpretation of extremely complex well logs recorded in highly deviated wells. Environmental effects that impact high-angle logs include the borehole, shoulder beds, invasion, apparent dip, and anisotropy. Any or all of these effects may be present, resulting in an under-determined problem. To interpret these logs, it is necessary to have the most complete formation model available with the well trajectory as drilled included. Then, simulated logs are generated for the properties of interest using forward modeling methods provided by this software. These logs are compared to the actual logs, and changes to the properties and geologies are made in an interactive fashion until a good match is achieved. The structure model and property model thus determined can then be used in computed interpretation products, and the formation model is ready for use in planning the next high-angle well in the field.

GeoCruise allows users to perform following tasks:

  • Create/modify a structural model along a selected well trajectory
  • Create/modify a property model
  • Select logging tool
  • Run forward modeling to compute simulated logs
  • Perform “what-if” modeling to adjust the formation model

GeoCruise Features:

  • Horizontal Well Visualization

  • Resistivity Forward Modeling

Compute phase and attenuation resistivity
Support anisotropy
Support compensate and non-compensate tools

APS Technology: WPR
Baker Hughes: AziTrak,DPR, DeepTrak, MPR series,NaviGator, Ultra Slim MPR
GE: CPR, Centerfire
Halliburton: EWR, EWR-M5, EWR Phase 4
Pathfinder: AWR, CWR, SCWR
Schlumberger: ARC,CDR, EcoScope675, IMPulse, MCR
Weatherford: MFR, MFR-PLUS