Executable Programs:
  • For Linux & QT4: geomark/Linux-QT4/x86_64/Bin/QfwSeisFrac
  • For Linux & QT5: geomark/Linux-QT5/x86_64/Bin/QfwSeisFrac
  • For Windows & QT4: geomark/Win32-QT4/x86/Bin/QfwSeisFrac.exe
  • For Windows & QT5: geomark/Win32-QT5/x86/Bin/QfwSeisFrac.exe

Seismic Data Analysis provides seismic data visualization, well data visualization, and seismic well tie analysis.


  • Inline, xline, z slice, and slice along any path

  • Horizon and property display

  • Seismic well tie analysis

Seismic well ties are to display well data on top of seismic data along any surface path, allowing users to relate horizon tops identified in a well with specific seismic reflection events on the seismic section.