Executable Programs:
  • For Linux & QT4: geomark/Linux-QT4/x86_64/Bin/QfwWellDataVizApp
  • For Linux & QT5: geomark/Linux-QT5/x86_64/Bin/QfwWellDataVizApp
  • For Windows & QT4: geomark/Win32-QT4/x86/Bin/QfwWellDataVizApp.exe
  • For Windows & QT5: geomark/Win32-QT5/x86/Bin/QfwWellDataVizApp.exe

WellDataViz allows users to visualize well data (well logs, bore hole image, zones, etc) using cross plot and/or well log display.

WellDataViz provides following functionalities:

  • Well log display
  • Well log cross plot, z-plot, frequency plot, and histogram.
  • Interactive well log data pick
  • Well log data correction


  • Well log display: Well log display can be built interactively and saved as template to be used for other wells.

  • Multi-wells cross plot

  • Multi-wells z-plot

  • Multi-wells frequency plot

  • Multi-wells histogram display

  • Interactive well log data pick: visualize well log data in 3 different views (cross plot view, log plot view, and table view), data picked in one view will simultaneously show up in other 2 views.

  • Well log data correction: when well data are logged using different tools or at different time, there may be a systematic error between the logs. Correction is made by choosing one set of logs as reference to correct another set of logs. Automatic correction, manual correction, customized correction (A*X + B), and M/N correction are provided.